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Thread: Latest set of Woleftones

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    Latest set of Woleftones

    I picked up a set of rewound Duncan Designs (I actually bought them from Mesh while Wolfe still had them) a little while back, and while they came in few weeks back, I finally got around to installing them last weekend.

    The guitar they went in:

    The pickups in question. Something looks funny, here.

    I had a Custom/Jazz set in the guitar, but I really wasn't feeling the Custom. With an ebony fretboard, a big maple neck blank, stainless steel frets, a Floyd Rose, and not enough mahogany body to balance it out, this guitar is BRIGHT. It was just far to brittle for what I was looking to do. I swapped the ceramic out for an alnico 8, and while that helped a bit, it was still lacking that crunch I was looking for on the low end.

    This pickup set is rewound to six-string Jazz and vintage 6-string JB specs. I knew what to expect with the JB7, but I wasn't sure how the Jazz7 was going to work out. I've always been very happy with the Jazz (it is my go-to neck pickup), but since I got them as a set, I figured it was worth a try.

    The JB7, as expected, did not disappoint. It really is a testament to Wolfe's work that I now consider this pickup to be in the same category as a Tung Sol 12AX7 and a modded tube screamer: my sound is just not complete without it, and frankly, I wasn't playing the V much because of this. The guitar is still bright, but no longer annoyingly so, and with that low end oomph I was lacking before. As Mike has said before, Wolfe's work is really good at bringing out the natural voice of your guitar. While you can tell it is the same pickup as in Mike's Jackson Soloist and my KxK Sii-7, all three guitars definitely have character that is unqiue to them: thick, harmonically-rich midrange from the Soloist, low end gut punch and hyper clarity from the Sii-7, and screaming top end and cut from the V.

    The Jazz7 was the real surprise. It still sounds like a Jazz, but livelier. It is a touch thicker in the lower mids, not unlike a '59, but with all the clarity you expect to hear from a Jazz. The thing just sizzles under high gain, and has no problem punching through a band going full tilt when you want that neck pickup solo sound. Notes have that "pop" that I usually only associate with single coils. I find myself actually taking the time to switch pickups mid song (no mean feat on this guitar, just look at the selector switch location).

    Oh, and fuck you, Matt.

    Division: American Metal without the suck.

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    excellent ending

    man, i really really gotta get my hands on a set of those thar things thar man
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    I am really, really surprised that, with the number of people shelling out high $$$ for pickups between here and, there aren't more people ordering these. Without fail, everyone that's played either my or Dave's guitars with Wolfetone rewinds has been blown away by them.

    Then again, I have a JB for my Sonic 7 that I haven't got around to sending him yet, so perhaps it's the lack of the "impulse buy"...

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    Glad these worked out for ya Dave - I might redo this mess again once I have cash and figure out how to route teh Carvin for pups.

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    Hmm....sounds interesting! Congrats btw.
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    I really need to check out them Wolfbaits....

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    I have some Duncan designs... And was looking for new pickups..

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    Still haven't tried these, it seems like they're similar to Bareknuckles though.

    Isn't your white V a solid chunk of maple?
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