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Thread: Seymour Duncan Shootout: SH-6/8/13

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    Seymour Duncan Shootout: SH-6/8/13

    As my rig comes together (yes, pics when it's finished ) I've started looking at sorting my pickup situation. After having flirted around with actives etc, I've found that I really am just not a big fan. Budget is also governing my choice somewhat, BKP's/WCR's etc are out of range, and to be honest I've pretty much always liked Duncans. Now, here's where you guys come in:


    PRS Paul Allender SE (Mahogany back/Maple veneer/Rosewood board/Maple neck)

    Jackson DK2 EDS (Alder/Rosewood/Maple)

    Amp is a Randall V2/Marshall MF400

    Tone I'm after:

    Rhythm-Think Iced Earth ala 'The Glorious Burden', to Primal Fear 'Black Sun', to Firewind around 'Burning Earth'. Tight but thick Power Metal basically.

    Lead-Think Gus on the aforementioned Firewind album, Kai Hansen's on 'Powerplant', and Primal Fear/Sabaton in general.

    What I'm thinking is:

    SH-6 or SH-13 in the PRS Bridge.
    SH-8 in the DK2 bridge.

    '59 in the PRS neck.
    Lil' '59 in the DK2 neck.

    Thoughts? Criticisms?

    (Sorry for all the text, but I wanted to give you everything possible to work with).

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    Well schafer uses pretty low output pickups afaik, just something to consider
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    I'd thought about that (I think he used BKP Black Dog and Riff Raffs) but to be honest, I don't seem to get along with anything lower output than the JB. Plus, his are in solid mahogany guitars through a Larry, which as far as I know has a pretty gainy tight sound anyway. As much as anything, I'm trying to find two which will balance out the difference between the Mahogany and the Alder, so that I don't have to re-EQ mid-gig if a string breaks...

    Cheers though, it's another avenue of thought!

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