I've got a 5 string OLP bass that has a wiring issue. It's got a really bad hum and the signal from it is really weak. The bass has an active 3 band and vol. I tried replacing the battery and have tested other basses and amps in a few places so the problem is definitely with the bass. I opened it up and looked at the wiring and I didn't notice anything obviously wrong.
I did a quick recording of the sound from it to demonstrate the issue. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8912585/Bass...ue%20sound.mp3 It's a recording direct into my interface, I played a little and changed the EQ knobs a little to demonstrate how it sounded through a few different control settings.
Any idea what is likely at fault? I'd like to try fix it myself if I can but don't know where to start looking in it.