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Thread: High Output vs Low Output?

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    High Output vs Low Output?

    I have a Gretsch which feels amazing. It's a Pro Jet and the neck is very fast yet still chunky. I also have my Ibanez RG which has a slim, fast neck with high output pickups.

    For distortion I'm using a Boss MT2, with a Chorus and Wah.

    Which should I choose?

    I love them both but it's ridiculously hard to choose.

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    Why do you need to choose? That's the nice thing about owning different guitars - different characteristics for different situations.

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    Yup Chris is right. What you should do though is get rid of those stock Ibanez pickups!

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    Try and keep both if possible. If you have to get rid of something, get rid of the metalzone!
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    Yep no need to choose - high and low output pickups will have their own unique characteristics nice to have both. As has been said if the pick-ups in the Ibanez are stock Ibanez pick-ups you'd probably be well of to change them. It will be like having a whole different guitar and when I say different I mean better in every way.

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    I've been getting into slightly lower output pickups lately and then using my hands and amp to get it grittier when I need it. Seems to add way more characteristics to the tone than say my RG570 with Breeds in it.

    My RG550 with Timmons and Air Norton in it is my favorite setup. Its a well balanced pickup, but not super hot, but if I need some juice I just crank harder or kick in the OD-1 to give it some juice.

    But I agree with everyone else, keep both. How many mechanics do you see that only own one tool?

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    Location: UK
    ME: Ibanez RG or Gretsch
    Rig: Crybaby > MT2 > CH1.

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    I feel that the Ibanez feels generally tighter and 'chuggier', to put it one way.
    The Gretsch feels as if I can do anything on it because it has lwoer action. Gah.

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    Adjusting action is a pretty easy fix.
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