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Thread: Clean Bridge Pickups...Advice/Opinions/Help Please

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    Clean Bridge Pickups...Advice/Opinions/Help Please

    I'm looking for a nice crisp sounding passive pickup for the neck position that will give me a awesome clean sound. Can anyone suggest something/anything? I've included what I'm currently using below;

    1). Schecter Omen 6 - Bare Knuckle "Warpig" (Bridge) and a Dimarzio "LiquiFire" DP227 (Neck)

    2). Jackson JS32T Rhoads V - EMG H4 (Bridge) and (looking for something to compliment the EMG in the neck position - clean/crisp/bright sound).

    As you can see, I'm trying to find some type of pickup to go into the neck position for the Jackson JS32T Rhoads V model guitar. I'm happy with the Dimarzio "LiquiFire" DP227 that I have in the Schecter Omen 6, but would like to have something different for the Jackson, so that I might be able to get a little bit of a different sound/tone when using the Jackson to help create and change up the texture/atmosphere/mood of a particular song. As I've mentioned, I'm looking for something that has a clean/crisp/bright sound without the muddiness that a great deal of neck pickups produce. I tend to use the neck pickup for clean/acoustical parts of my material. I'm considering a Seymour Duncan model of some type, as they often have a nice clean sound. Any suggestions/idea's would be greatly appreciated. Please help, please post...Thanks!

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    Bareknuckle Cold Sweat. Bright and a bit scooped, sounds a bit single-coilish, very smooth.

    Seymour Duncan Jazz. Can be a bit fat but I always run it a bit further away from the strings than typical so it's leaner. Very articulate and bright, not as scooped at the CS.
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