Hey everybody. I am having some (major) issues with the electronics in my '00 RG520QS. This has all happened in the period of about a week or two, and still persists. Here are the symptoms: I am having scratchy pots, especially the tone pot, but these are the least of my worries right now. The Volume pot is the latest thing to misbehave, and it is just acting weird! It never turns completely off, instead it sounds like it goes back to around the middle of the sweep. Of course if you back it off a little it will be at the normal position soundwise to where it normally is, relatively, I think you get the idea. And my other problem that has been coming up, but rears it's ugly head less often and when I least expect it; the sound completely sometimes when I switch to the neck humbucker position. again, this one doesn't come up as often, but seems random, and doesn't matter how hard or soft I toggle it.

If anybody has any Ideas (i know the first one can be resolved with contact cleaner, but I am not sure how to use it) on how to fix these issues, and what the exact parts I would need, if they need replaced, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated.