pickup set recommendation for a ultra low tuned baritone

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Thread: pickup set recommendation for a ultra low tuned baritone

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    pickup set recommendation for a ultra low tuned baritone

    Hi folks, I have an Ibanez mmm1 Baritone (Mahogany body, String-thru and neck-thru construction, 28" scale mahogany/purplewood neck).

    And had recently strung it like an 8 string guitar minus the two higher string, and tuned it in Drop E <- 41.204 Hz -> (E B E A C# F#) and I'm loving it a lot ....

    But the problem is that the Ibanez Super 58 Custom Pickups (nice pickups for what the are BTW) don't deliver the sound I want for a so low tuned guitar.

    I'm totally open to suggestions but where I live I can only buy DiMarzios, Seymour Duncans or EMG pickups.

    What I'm looking for? even balanced tone, from clean to mean, clarity, articulation, note separation.

    I play prog rock metal fussion ....


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    i like the crunchlab for detuned things. i've got one in my mahogany body blackjack, and its a very god pickup for that

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    The best passivs i've found for really low tunings are the Lace Drop N Gains

    they are specifically designed for it...

    24 K

    but one coil is 15K and the other is 9 K...

    they keep the low but dont get muddy..

    tuned standard though..... they suck donkey balls!! (too shrill and thin)

    so i only use 'em in drop guitars and usually for guys who drop to at least C...

    drop D isn't low enough Drop C is pretty good.. Drop A is awesome.

    Check into it.. I dunno if you can get 'em in Ven. or not... but Lace is a pretty big company..
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    Despite what everyone else is going to tell me, an EMG 81


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    Emg 81 running 18v.

    They have the cleanest low end that passives can't deliver and great clarity and frequency response.

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    Thanks for all the answer so far.

    The guitar is almost an octave (10 semitones) below standard Drop D, basically is my poor man 8 Stringer . But I'm not in djent, I like meshugga but I don't play anything like that (may be in the future).

    The things I'm experimenting right now are arpeggios (in all king of ways picked, figerpicked, swaped, tapped), chordal tapping, complex chord work, and space atmospheres, also some lead guitar work but I donīt shred mutch.

    My rig used to be a Fender Twin Reverb and Dual Rectifier through a custom made 2x12 Hellatone 60L (thats a Celestion Vintage 30 with a 55hz dust cup). But more and more am playing directly through an emulation based rig with an Eleven Rack and a GSP1101.

    Back to the topic based on my internet research the number one pickup that came to my attention was the Bareknucle Aftermath ... But having a Miracleman in one of my guitars I think BKs are great pickups, but not worth the extra cash, IMHO...

    Also been in a third world county with foreign money exchange restrictions makes my choices more difficult... I research my local and national online stores and couldn't find any Lace Pickups, nor Crunch Lab or Liquid Fire. I'm trying to avoid going the active way with this project.

    I'm very brand agnostic but I happen to have more DiMarzios than any other pickups but mainly cos the are cheaper and sound good. But I have EMGs, Seymour Duncans and BK also and I like them all in different ways (I like having a few "colors" to choose from).

    I found a D-Activator set at a good price, also a SD Distortion set... so I'm between those two options... I also can get an EMG set but as I told I'm trying to avid actives for this particular project

    What do you think between D-Activator set vs SD Distortion set in this particular case? or should I swallow the EMG pill and go with EMG 89/81tw set? (single coil sounds are important to me)


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    I suspect a D-Activator will deliver the goods. It will be fairly compressed and bright. Not sure how well a Distortion will handle such extreme low tunings. You want something that's relatively clean and lean in the bass without losing growl, etc. Crunch Lab sounds like a good fit too, and has excellent split tones.
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    I have a hunch that a set of P-Rails would be awesome in that application.

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