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Thread: Lace Pickups (Official Thread)

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    Lace Pickups (Official Thread)

    Hey guys!

    We are new to the forum, but some of you might know about us already.
    This is another outlet for us to interact with you guys, the players! This thread is here for information on our products, pic and vid updates, and Q&A. Tell us what you want to see from Lace and we will do our best to make it happen. We have some things that are in the works which are geared towards the metal crowd!

    I'll be showcasing some things below that you may or may not have already heard of..

    We also will have some exciting new artists joining our roster this year!

    So ask questions, give your thoughts, and visit our brand new facebook @


    BRAND NEW Deathbucker 7

    Drop & Gain

    Nitro Hemi

    X-Bar (Chrome)

    X-Bar (Black)

    Deathbar (Chrome)

    Deathbar (Black)

    Keep in mind, the X-Bar and the Deathbar are available in 7,8,9, & 10 string versions!

    Stay tuned for some high quality video demos by some well known metal artists!

    You can also order direct from Lace @ the Lace Shop on our website or if you can't find what you want on the website, you can email us @ :

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    Welcome man!

    I have a set of Sensor golds in an old Ibby Ex, and they are the goods.

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    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    I have some Sensor Golds paired with Dimarzio X2N's in both my black Strat and my pink BC Rich Strat. Love em.

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    Huh, a Lace thread on here too. I should just note that since Sensors have been brought up, it's been noted before that there ARE going to be seven-string Sensors. Possibly even Dually Sensors, though that hasn't actually been confirmed.

    I wonder how much it'll cost to get a pair of Bars shipped from space.

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    Very interesting. Do you have any reference to how any of the pickups sound? I'm thinking along the lines of the kind of output, low end, emphasis on high/low mids or quite even, how bright they are etc.

    I realise it may be a big ask, but it'd certainly go someway to show what each of these is like!

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    Make a Neodymium seven string pickup
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
    Tiān xi m nng zhī, m nng xng." - Lao Tse - my band.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
    I have some Sensor Golds paired with Dimarzio X2N's in both my black Strat and my pink BC Rich Strat. Love em.
    ...which I believe are my old ones, right?

    Anyway, I had a set in my Strat for about a decade - they were great, I only swapped them because I eventually got bored and wanted to try something different.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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