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Thread: Seymour Duncan Blackouts Preamp

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    Seymour Duncan Blackouts Preamp

    Anyone tried one yet with non-Coil Pack pickups?

    The Blackouts Modular Preamp

    I'd be interested to hear where people think the sound is on the sterile/active - organic/passive spectrum.

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    I installed one in my buddies schecter. It sounds really good to me, better than the 707's I had in my Loomis. But definitely an active sound, so if you don't like that sound you won't dig it. It does amplify the hum/noise from the humbuckers some since it doesn't obviously shield the entire pickup like normal actives in an epoxied casing do (I could yell at the pickups and hear myself loud and clear through his amp )

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    I installed a prototype of the new switchable version in dB2, which has a Duncan Custom-7 and Jazz-7 in it.

    I love it, and i'm not a huge active pickup guy. But the fact that it's switchable means you can take it out of the circuit if you don't like – or don't need – the active-pickup focus and edge.

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    Never been a fan of the Blackouts, they seem muddy to me.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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