My short EMG 81/Seymour SH6 Shoot-out

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Thread: My short EMG 81/Seymour SH6 Shoot-out

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    My short EMG 81/Seymour SH6 Shoot-out

    I did a little comparison of these two pickups. I know my performance is a little bit poor and I'm not sure if video has too much compression (I'm trying to find a good render settings for a video).
    after all - maybe it will help

    [VIDEO]]EMG 81 & Seymour Duncan SH6 "Distortion" - Quick METAL TEST - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Two of my favorite pickups.

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    These both sound really similar, but the SH6 has the 'passive' sound to it. Did you do any post-production on these clips?
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    i just got my first emg's. hard to get used to after being a passive player for 8 years, but definitely love them.

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    Both sounded good. Liked the 81 better. Really started to pull away in triplet palm mutes and faster sections in general.

    Enjoyed the riffing, and mixes. Nice work.

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    I just compress the master buss a little bit.
    In my opinion on palm mutes - SH6 sound better but that's just a matter of taste :P

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    The SD's sound tighter, more low-mid focused and drier, but the EMG's just sound bigger, and fit the mix much better, which is why I'll always favour them over passives for recording.
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