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Thread: New pickups?

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    New pickups?

    I have a Jackson slsmg with emghz in em. Want something different, not emgs or actives.
    Thinking about Duncan distortion or d-activator, but I don't know what to get.
    The guitar is mahogany, and I play mostly thrash stuff, megadeth/pantera etc.
    And which neck pickups would be a good choice?
    Not very experienced with pssives, since I've only played stock and emgs, so i don't have many reference points
    First post here, so maybe you guys can help me

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    D-Activators bill themselves as passives that give you an "active sound". *shrug*

    The D-A and the Duncan Distortion are both great pickups. In general I prefer the sound of Duncans over DiMarzios so I would choose the Distortion. But if you are used to the more focused sound of actives, you may find the D-Activators more to your taste.

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