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Thread: New Duncans Install [Pics]

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    New Duncans Install [Pics]

    Got a little package from Pennsylvania today. FINALLY. Absolutely no thanks to the USPS who lost my package.

    Banjo Mike is the frickin man. Look at all the fun shit he includes with your pickup purchase:

    Here's the '59-7 Neck and the Duncan Distortion 7 Bridge:

    Neato baseplate engraving. I've never owned a set of SD's before. I always retrofit Dimarzio.

    One down...

    It looks like I did the neck second but I actually had to install it first because of the way the S7420Q is routed.

    Annnnnd voila. I can't wait until tomorrow after work. I'm gonna file a couple high frets, retune, and crank this baby up.

    We'll see if I have a taste for SDs. I hope so

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    Nice, you finally got some good pickups

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    Wait, didn't you return that guitar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Wait, didn't you return that guitar?
    I exchanged it for another one. Luckily, this one wasn't a lemon.

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    Are you gonna post clips perhaps? Your clips always rule

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