pickup suggestion for death metal/thrash metal in rg321

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Thread: pickup suggestion for death metal/thrash metal in rg321

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    pickup suggestion for death metal/thrash metal in rg321

    whats up y'all. This is my first post here on the forum. I have learned a lot from everyone here so far. So my first post is a question. I play thrash metal...slayer, havok, revocation, warbringer. I also enjoy death metal...behemoth, cannibal corpse, six feet under. I also like white chapel, trivium, pretty much a good spectrum of metal. I have a stock Ibanez
    RG321E, mahogany body, bolt on maple neck, string thru body, with EMG-HZ's. Don't mind the HZ's, but I know I could do better. Right now I play through a Fender Mustang 1, but I also play through a line 6 into my computer. So what pickups would be best to suit my style of music? I would like to stay passive. I am thinking dimarzio d-activators or Duncan distortions. Thanks for the help and any suggestions. I look forward to hanging out on this forum.

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    Duncan Distortion can do no wrong for extreme metal. Cuts through a mix and sounds good in just about every wood.

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    I've had good metal experience with the Evo and Tone Zone

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    Wirelessly posted (HTC G2)

    Dimarzio Dominion.

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    ME: Ibanez RG321E
    Rig: Fender Mustang 1

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    Why the dominion? Haven't heard much about it. What would be a good neck pickup to pair with it? Would the dominion be able to go from early slayer to corpse? It's a little lower output, would that be something to worry about? Thanks again.
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    I had a D-Sonic in an RG350dx (identical material-wise) and it was fucking awesome for thrash riffing. Rather than being a big, saturated type sound, it gets that really focused, raspy tone, perfect for galloping and aggressive sounding high tunings. I loved it.
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    So, can I ask, if you play like all of those bands, why not use and 81/85 or 81/60? Like most of those bands do? Why do you WANT to use passives?


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    I've got that guitar and I just threw 81/85 combo in it. They sound good. I'm sure they would give u the sound u want. The cavity has enough space for the battery too so no routing required

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