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Thread: Duncan JB v Distortion

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    Duncan JB v Distortion

    So, is this the same pickup with different magnets? I'v actually read that the JB, Distortion, AND Invader are the same other than the respective alnico V, ceramic, and alnico 8 mags.

    What do you guys think of the jb v the distortion? I have a 6 string distortion, but other than that i dont really have much experience in the 7 string formats.
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    I've owned them both (both six string, and a 7 string JB). I prefer the Distortion. It's tighter and has more clarity, but it's a lot more neutral, too - reminds me of the BKPs I've played in that sense. The JB is looser, rawer, and I found it got shrill more easily. I'd rather have the Distortion for metal, but the JB's a bit more versatile. It's not as calculating as the Distortion, so it sounds a bit more natural for more classic tones IMHO. It seems pickier about wood, too. It smokes in mahogany, but I don't know if I'd like it much in a brighter wood. I've heard the Distortion sound good in a few different woods (it sounds great it Keith Merrow's demo). Hotrodding an LP = JB. For more modern stuff, I'd go Distortion.

    The 7 string JB was far from bad, but not my favourite. I had it in my passive Schecter Blackjack C-7. It was a bit loose, and just didn't have much character. Could have been the guitar, though. I wasn't in a rush to change it out, but if I was serious about keeping the guitar for a long time, I would have switched it out
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    I agree with just about everything Philligan stated.

    I like the Distortion "more", but I also like the JB a hell of a lot, and I think it's definitely got it's place.

    The only reason I say I like the Distortion more is that I just gravitate toward playing that style of music more frequently.

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    I think all three can be good pick-ups in the right guitars. I've said it before on the site the distortion is my favorite pick-up. I think the distortion has a nice neutral eq with a tight bottom end and of course is very high output.

    The JB to me has a much warmer sound than the distortion a little more of an all a rounder.

    The Invader is usually a love it/ hate it kind of pick-up - it's not an Alnico 8 magnet but actually a ceramic also. Distortion is 5/8/9 where the Invader is 7/8/4 so a lot more low end grunt. Can be a great pick-up in the right guitar.

    I have no experience with the 7-string versions of these pick-ups yet.

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    The invader has nothing to do with the other 2, and I have no idea where the hell you heard that. Its got 3 magnets in it, and IIRC the bobbins are taller. The distortion and jb are the same, but the distortion is ceramic and the jb is alnico 5
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