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Thread: D-Activator 7 initial impressions

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    D-Activator 7 initial impressions

    Got the D-Activators yesterday, installed them last night and took them for a run. I was a bit of a derp at first and accidentally wired them up backwards on the switch, confusing the bridge wires for the neck wires. A quick fix and I was up and running.

    My initial impressions after cranking the amp a bit this afternoon is that the bridge pickup is about as tight a pickup as you can get. When I was thinking of getting a BKP Nailbomb, this is the sound I was thinking of, so it's definitely on the right track. With my rig and the basswood guitar, these pickups are shooting out a high amount of treble, so I'm dialing back a hair on the amp since installing these. Heavy distortion tones are tight and compressed-feeling while still being expressive. Lead lines with the bridge pickup seem to jump right out of the amp, there's a real nice feel there, kinda like my old Evo 7, but with a little less harshness to my ears.

    The neck pickup sounds great and does it's job. It is warm and crunchy without being boxy. Not quite as thick as an Air Norton, but perfectly compliments the bridge pickup. The clean tones with the standard coil-tap sound really open and shimmery. With new strings it's great, I have a feeling with worn strings it may sound sterile, but I'm liking it so far.

    I dig 'em

    If anyone wants my DiMarzio/IBZ pickups that came with the guitar, PM me, just pay postage and they're yours.

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    I have them in my Xiphos, and I've never considered changing them. I like em a lot.

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    Jammed with these yesterday with the band. Full volume, they slay. Totally happy with the purchase

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    Damn now I really need to try these out
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Really digging the D-activators. I don't do the whole 'chunky modern high gain' thing, so I don't need as much output as the bridge puts out, so I've been using the D-activator neck in the bridge position with great results.

    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    I really like the DA7 in my 1527. I think that the DA7 bridge and a Liquifire neck is a great combo for metal

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    Wirelessly posted

    Yeah a liquifire or air Norton would go great with the deactivator bridge. The deactivator neck is good, but I feel an air Norton or liquifire would be better.

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