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Thread: Some Pickup Help please?

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    Some Pickup Help please?

    Hey dudes, im new to this forum so I officially welcome myself. Anyways, my old neighbor and good family friend of ours gave me a 96 fender strat and a bunch of other shit. Now, I have a friend thats helpin me pimp out this guitar, pretty much upgrading everything on it. so ive decided Im gettin Dimarzio liquifire humbucker for the neck, and i really like the seymour duncan dimebucker for the bridge. Now my question is, for all you techniqual metal guitarists out there, the Liquifire's magnet is alnico 5 and the dimebuckers magnet is ceramic... Will this combination make it sound shit or in turn give it a really cool tone. Its a 5 way switch obviously and havnt decided on the single coil pickup for the middle, reccamendations on this? Also my friend is gonna run a master coil tap through so finding the single coil could be a bit tricky.
    I want to play metal on this guitar but still want to keep a rlly sweet bluesy sound which is why im goin for the liquifire on the neck. I prefer the more agressive/trebly/punchy/ pantera sounding tone i guess you would say. little thrashy but sharp. any reccamendations on the bridge? So far its either the seymour dimebucker which im not too sure on, or the Dimarzio cruiser, (mini humbucker) which would look kinda silly which is why im a little bit hesitant lol.
    Update* alright right now i got the dimarzio liquifire in the neck and more than likely just the good old seymour duncan invaders in the bridge... any reccamendations for the midde, single coil?
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    I personally prefer ceramic humbuckers in the bridge and Alnico in the neck.

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    Welcome dude!

    The Dimebucker has sounded like absolute crap in just about everything I've heard it in. I'd go for a JB or a Distortion myself if I wanted a thrashy sort of bridge pickup sound.

    [VIDEO]]Seymour Duncan 6-String Bridge Pickups, 12 Model Comparison, Metal Rhythm - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    I've got a JB... err... somewhere... but when it was in my EC-1000 it was great for the thrashier stuff. It's looser which is great for thrash but still tight enough that you can do quick stops without issue.

    EDIT: It also has more bite to it than that^ demo video would make you believe.
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