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Thread: Recommendations for a baritone

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    Recommendations for a baritone

    A baritone isn't something I've looked into that much until recently but I have a project in mind and wondered what pickups out there are voiced well to suit a baritone? I have no idea where to start and I assume some sound better than others with the extended scale length and lower tuning. I just want something versatile to play a range of styles if needed but still holds onto a tight & crisp low end without sounding muddy.

    Any ideas or experiences?

    EDIT: I'm talking about a 6 string baritone too, just to clarify.

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    My experience with extended scale guitars has taught me that pickups that normally sound punchy with a good kick to the lows in a regular guitar sound like ass in extended scale guitars.

    However pickups that sound wimpy and overly bright/harsh/polite such as the BKP cold sweat sound really thick awesome and chunky.

    So basically get something that would normally be lacking in lows for what you want to play!
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    I usually prefer medium-output for low-tune and extended-scale guitars.

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    Check out the BKP Black Dog.

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    P-Rails But yeah, bright and medium output will bring out the best of the baritone's character.

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    I got EMGs in my schecter baritone, nothing fancy but they do the trick.

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