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Thread: SD CS HELP.

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    Can anyone help me with being able to contact the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop? I've tried calling the posted number on the SD web site, but it just repeats the menu options repeatedly. Even after hitting the desired option to direct my call. I've even sent an e-mail request and have heard nothing and that was over a few days ago.

    I want to special order a set of SD SH-6 in the soap-bar designs for a six, a seven, and a potential eight string. After having watched Keith Merrow and Ola Englund demo these pickups I'm definitely convinced the SH-6 is what I've been in search for a musical, clear, aggressive, and articulate pick-up that's not a BKP Aftermath.

    Any lovers or haters of these that can offer me any additional perspective before I pull the trigger on a special order? I've considered BKP's but just not entirely sold on the hype nor their price point. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Bareknuckles are worth every penny in the UK but in the US there are pickups that are just as good/better that you can get for a lot less. It's a product of the crappy exchange rate for you guys.

    Do you have a touch tone phone? That sounds like it's your problem.
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    That seems to be the general consensus from what I've researched for the past several months. Though the price point for my '83 Charvel HSS configuration seems to be within reasonable reach; BLK HAWK/SINNER/SINNER. These don't seem to be near as expensive as the other contemporary models. I'd like to own a few from the line, but times are tight and I'm trying to maximize with equipment, while not custom or boutique, seem to hold their own more than just well.

    All I have is a cell phone. I suppose I could use a traditional land line at a friend's house and call during normal business hours. Though, the email request with no response concerns me too.
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    FWIW - a custom shop Duncan will cost you more than a stock BKP, even with the exchange rate. A single custom Duncan humbucker starts at about $160.

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    Hey! I can help you get in touch with the Custom Shop. Sending you a direct message now.

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