NPD: EMG's - few pics.

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Thread: NPD: EMG's - few pics.

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    NPD: EMG's - few pics.

    So I was wrestling with the P-Rails in one of my Warmoth's. Just not coming to grips with them and especially the bridge which just seemed to be an ice-picky mess.

    I'm going to eventually try them in something else but for now I need to step away.

    So in their place I dropped an 81TW and 89. I'd had a buddy say that he really liked the dual mode EMG's and wanted to try them.

    I used the EMG quick connect setup and wanted to go Master Volume / Tone out but EMG shorted me a jumper wire so for now I'm Volume/Volume.

    The pickups are pretty standard 81/85 pickups until you pull the push/pulls at which time you basically get very nice single coil sound plus very little noise.

    I know EMG's are not for everbody but so far I'm liking them a lot and have got rid of the ice pick attack from the P-rail.

    A few before and after pics.



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    Hope you like them. I'd also like to point out that EMG gave you semen-colored pickups.

    But that burst!
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Gorgeous guitar I sometimes forget about my Warmoth GAS, and then I pick up my Strat. A couple more from them (probably both Teles) are on my to-do list, which is sadly miles longer than my budget.

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