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    Hi guys,

    Unpackaging threads are always fun, but I guess there's only so excited you can get about a pickup... but hell, I'll do it anyways

    This arrived in the post:

    I'd ordered it just before Christmas as a little present to myself as no one in my family ever buys me stuff I actually want. Opened it up and look what we have:

    Aha, but which one...?

    That one! Been on the lookout for a sensibly priced one on eBay and this one came up at the right time.

    Looks good, appears to be unused. Basically, I plan on installing it in my Jackson KV4, to replace the EMG81/85 combo with an 85/60 combo, just to see what difference it makes. I'll leave my KV2 with it's current 81/85 combo so I should have a little bit of variation for recording my band's new album over the next few months.

    All this started when I fixed up my friend's ESP MII Deluxe (I think that's what it was!) with passives (SeymourDuncan and DiMarzio combo from memory, not sure which models) and the clean sound I got on it just blew away both my Jackson's. Even the dirty sound was actually very good.

    I will hopefully install it later tonight when I get the kids to bed, so we'll see what difference it actually makes... if any!

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    Pics of the guitar when it goes in!

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    It's one of the newer clip-jobbies, and both my Jackson's are the older solder-jobbies (technical terms) so it's going to require some delicate microsurgery. This calls for beer.

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    Everything calls for beer.

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