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Thread: Dimarzio Ionizer clips/review

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    Dimarzio Ionizer clips/review

    So since Dimarzio was cool enough to send me a set of pups to review, I would....review them.

    So I'v had these in for a couple weeks or so. I wanted to play with them for a while to get an honest opinion.

    Basically, I can say I'm very happy with them. I cant say a bad thing about them. And I'm not just saying that to kiss butt, this set is incredibly versatile.
    I dont have the middle single coil slot routed out on my Carvin, so unfortunately didn't get a chance to use the one that comes with the set.

    With the bridge, the lows and mids are a little more emphsized that the treble, but that makes it more balanced sounding to me. It sounds awesome for prog rock type stuff. Since they are a little lower output, you get a bit more clarity in the high gain stuff. It does pretty good for death metal as well. Personally, I go for high output pups, but these really suprized me. I wasnt sure they would have enough grit for something that heavy, but it sounded great for distorted stuff.

    The neck is really beautiful when your playing clean stuff. Its got great clean, jangly sounds. Single coil-ish, but still full sounding. I could see someone using this for jazz easily, and as i mentioned, ambient type stuff. Of course it would be great for prog rock type stuff as well.
    I dont really use the neck pup for distortion often. I usually play only soft ambient type stuff on my neck, so I'm not the best guy to tell you about distorted neck tone, but I'd say it was fairly fluid on the runs and sweeps.

    I slapped together a few clips, but I have been so busy lately. I just kinda jammed a few licks and tried to do a little movement with low, mid and high strings to give you a rough idea of how they sound. Granted, clips on the internet are hard to rely on. But something is better than nothing, right?

    My set up be : Dual recto, red channel, mesa 2x12 with v30's. The mic was an SM57. I didnt do anything to the clips other than mess with the levels a bit and on the clean stuff there is a Boss RV5 for the reverb.

    Heres the clips.
    Dimarzio Ionizer clips - YouTube
    Confront and Cry

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    Sounds good.

    But dem chops.....are awesome

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    I was supposed to get a set of these to review, too, but it never materialized. Having heard these clips, now I'm even more bummed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanbabs View Post
    Sounds good.

    But dem chops.....are awesome
    Man, i wasnt warmed up at all, and to me, i sound like shit in these

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    Sounds awesome man I'm really digging the clean tone these have. I think I might try the neck model and move my PAF 8 to the bridge position.

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