Pickup comparison: Dimarzio's, Seymour Duncan, and Bare Knuckle!

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Thread: Pickup comparison: Dimarzio's, Seymour Duncan, and Bare Knuckle!

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    Pickup comparison: Dimarzio's, Seymour Duncan, and Bare Knuckle!

    Getting around to making some pickup comparison clips! I'll do more in whatever style and i will be adding more clips from other pickups, so watch this thread for updates.
    Recorded this in Garageband, which i just started using a week or two ago. Fun stuff! All these pickups are in Ibanez RG 7's. All were recorded with the exact same amp settings, nothing touched in between takes. I'm using the LePou LeGion amp sim, with the LeCab, and the God's Cab impulses. Little reverb, little EQ, and a little compression.
    Order is as follows: Dimarzio Blaze Custom, Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom, Bare Knuckle Aftermath, and a custom Dimarzio.
    Let me know if these sound alright! At the moment, i only have some good headphones and my computer speakers to mix on, no monitors or anything. Thanks for listening!

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    So just for clarification's sake: The pickups are being installed in different guitars?
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    Yeah. The Blaze Custom is in a basswood body with maple neck, the SH-5 is in a mahogany body with rosewood board, the aftermath is basswood with rosewood, and the last Dimarzio is basswood with rosewood. All the same string gauge.

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