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Thread: In need of help!

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    In need of help!

    Hey guys, I've just joined to this site and loving it so far!
    But onto the issue.....
    I have an Ibanez RGA7, it's a very comfortable guitar and I love playing it but the sound is very loose and flabby.
    The original stock pickups the guitar came with were absolutely horrible so I swapped them out for a Crunch Lab/Liquifire combo but it's still very flabby sounding.
    Is there anything I can do to tighten up the sound? I've been messing around with the pickup height and adjusting the pole pieces but still no luck.
    Ideally I'd love to get as tight as Periphery's tone.

    Any help would be much appreciated!.

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    what gauge strings are you using at the moment? i don't know much about 7 strings and string gauges, but it might be a place to start, and someone with more experience might be able to advise if a change of strings could help.

    also, if pickups have made little difference, it could be your amp/settings. what are you using there?

    i think i heard somewhere that periphery use some quite extreme EQ settings - ie bass down very low to get rid of the flub, quite a lot of mids etc.

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    IIRC, those RGA7 have a terrible reputation. If it's a bad quality piece of wood, there's not much to be done, unfortunately.
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    I'm using 59 gauge but I've experimented with different gauges as well.
    My amps a Randall RH150 G3 plus, I mess around with the settings on a weekly basis. The pickup change made a slight difference just not what I was hoping for.
    I'm positive it's the guitar though because I also have a Schecter which sounds amazing through my amp.
    Thanks heaps for the reply by the way!

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    Less bass, less gain. Way less than you think you need. Don't be surprised if you need to change your EQ on your amp for one guitar vs another.
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    I had one of these for a short while. The only pickup that would make it tight and decent sounding was the EMG 81-7

    With anything else it was a muddy undefined mess.

    A boost will also help get you where you want to be. However i found even with the stock pickups a boost couldnt tighten it up at all. I have no idea about the CL/LF combo
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    Thanks heaps guys, I'll be trying anything and everything.

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