Tried ordering gold pole pieces from dimarzio

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Thread: Tried ordering gold pole pieces from dimarzio

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    Tried ordering gold pole pieces from dimarzio

    So I wanted some gold pole pieces for my ionizer and everywhere I looked said just call them up and pay a couple bucks and they send them out.

    Well, I did that, but apparently it doesn't "warrant an order" and I need to send a check for 5 bucks in the mail and they will mail them out. They wouldn't take a credit card, only check.

    Well, I don't have checks. I assume I can send a money order, but does anyone know of anyplace I can order these that takes credit cards( basically everywhere in the modern world)?
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    I dunno, man. Sources for that stuff are pretty slim in the first place, and close to non-existent in gold. I'd imagine Dimarzio is the only place you can get them. Maybe somewhere that supplies Dimarzio replacement parts or Dimarzio pickups, like a music store? They place an order from Dimarzio like normal and you just pay them with CC?
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    Talk to the fine folks at Bareknuckle - they've shipped bolts to me already - they might work for what you're doing. The ones in my aftermath look identical to the ones in my evolutions and they appear to have the same thread pitch.

    It's this minimum order crap that made me decide to never offer Dimarzio products.

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    I feel your pain man, I've been trying in vain to get these from the Dimarzio distributor in the UK...

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    Credit cards have a service fee, it's not worth it to them to ring you up for $5 with that fee. Just send them a check and they'll send it out to you. Don't have checks? Pay the $0.40 for a money order.

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    Haha, I've just emailed them asking for black polepieces. What colour are the ones you are taking out of your Ionizers?
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