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Thread: SBMM JP70 Pickup Swap (Pics)

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    SBMM JP70 Pickup Swap (Pics)

    This is actually a pickup swap in progress, while I look up some wiring info. I had hoped that the SBMM pickup colors were the same as DiMarzios, but alas, not the case.

    Anyway, I'm waiting for the fretboard to soak up some Guitar Honey, so I figure I'd get started on posting this up.

    Here we have a SBMM JP70, getting fitted with some proper Blaze 7s that I nabbed from Donholio.

    The guts of the wiring cavity. It's well shielded and the wiring is clean, with good components. +1 for SBMM.

    Let's get those strings off. I'm in the habit of leaving the low string on because it holds the bridge and the pickups in place, in case I need to flip the guitar around. Plus it's a ~week old 68 Elixir, and I'd like to keep it.

    SBMM pickups out, this is a neat plus. These little foam + spring bits are actually lightly glued into the body. Fantastic idea, much easier than stuffing multiple bits of foam under there at the end, and since they're glued I don't worry about dislodging them when I run the wire. +2 for SBMM.

    Here's that nasty bit of unfinished business at the truss rod adjustment that I posted about when I first got it. Not a big deal, but probably shouldn't have made it past QC before going out the door. I had planned on touching it up, but didn't want to deal with wet paint + wet fretboard, so fuck it for now.

    Here's a SBMM pickup, coming to a For Sale thread near you. They aren't bad. They're better than New7s, a bit on the bright side, and certainly a shitload better than Carvin pickups. If anyone wants these, $25 shipped and they're yours.

    The screw holes on the Blazes are a tad smaller, and because I am not a pussy like some other people here, taking care of this no problem. Drill + handy piece of scrap that I use for everything. Pretty sure I drilled out Drew's pickups on this piece too.

    Can't let a lady lie around undressed, so let's get her put back together.

    While the strings are (mostly) off, let's do something about that dry fretboard.

    That's better.

    And now, I poke around for wiring diagrams for the next 30 minutes while the rosewood soaks up the goodness.

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    DiMarzio wire colors are almost always backwards from every other major manufacturer.

    No fucking clue why; it's annoying
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    Man, you'd think EBMM could have a run a bit of fucking sandpaper through that electronics cavity to smooth it out.
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    ^ They might have, had they been the ones who built the guitar.
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    FYI, I bet that the unfinished weirdness around the truss rods comes off the side with a wet rag. It might be unfinished underneath, but I wouldn't be surprised if the roughness was something stuck on that wipes off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Okay, now I'm impressed! Height adjustment on direct-mount pickups is a royal pain in the ass. What I've taken to doing is using single coil mounting springs, but this setup looks like it'll do the trick. Do Ernie Ball have this on their MIA guitars as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    That bit on the right looks like polishing compound that hasn't been removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopahmahn View Post
    ^ They might have, had they been the ones who built the guitar.
    They licensed it, and oversee its QC.

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    This will work for you.

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