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Thread: Lace Alumitone Deathbar (+ a mass of introductory text)

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    Lace Alumitone Deathbar (+ a mass of introductory text)

    I'm normally not a super social person, but I've lurked the "other site" and MG since some point in 2006. Ish. That's a very precisely imprecise estimation.

    I can't begin to explain how much useful information I've soaked up during the years I've done so. So I won't. I will, however, post a few things that are entirely unrelated.

    I think the only two things anyone may remember from my bouts of social posting at ss of the RG7321 refinish picstories and something about a Dean Vendetta 7. Which was (in retrospect) a fairly underwhelming guitar.

    So I'd like to change that and lurk less/participate more.

    In order to steer this rambling wall-o-text back to the topic I had initially intended to focus on, runonsentenceswut. I'm a bit verbose and rambly when I haven't had my liquor.

    I've noticed there isn't a terribly large amount of information regarding the Alumitones, and some is even conflicting. I ordered a 3.5 Deathbar to test out in my LTD EC407 (which I will likely do a NGD about soon).

    My initial impression was that the pickup itself seems...fragile.
    Has anyone with personal experience installing/touching/caressing one felt the same? Secondly, as I had expected would happen with this guitar, the pickup is only jusssst high enough with the foam from the former EMGs and the provided screws almost maxed out. Not really a huge problem overall I suppose.

    I've only had the pickup in the guitar for the weekend, so I've only had the opportunity to play through the Vox AD50VT I keep in my apartment.
    I only got this to stick in the bridge, so in the event I didn't like it, I'd only have one useless lump of metal vs two.
    (it's not really substantial enough to injure someone if I threw it, and I can't imagine it would be very good on a sandwich)

    The sound:

    I've got it at a hair under 3mm away from the strings.
    It's quite bassy, but not in a woofy, unpleasant kind of way. Highs aren't offensive or harsh.
    I was really hoping it would be a fairly middle of the road, straightforward pickup without noticible EQ quirks.
    So far, I'm quite pleased with it. It seems to be just that. A good place to start tone shaping without adding or taking too much away from the start. Or something. Fuck it. It didn't disappoint and I don't regret pulling the EMGs from the guitar. If I get the opportunity today, I'll attempt to get some clips up.

    All in all, it seems like the Deathbar is going to stay in the guitar. I just put in an order for the X-Bar to stick in the neck, and I'll likely have something to say about it when it arrives. Honestly, I think they'd sell more of these if they had a more...erm...conventional and informative section of their site about them.

    Oh. Also.

    Tits and beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dei7mos View Post
    Tits and beer.
    You'll fit in well here

    Welcome! Nice guitar by the way.

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    Sexy guitar.

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    I approve of your missing neck pickup, sir!

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    That was a pretty solid first post, man.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    Well thanks, all. Much appreciated.

    I haven't had time to get any clips recorded but I will most definitely have some by the end of the day tomorrow.

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    I've got a pair of Deathbucker pickups to go in my ESP eclipse and also a lace x bar for my ESP 8 string. Can't wait to get them installed and tested. I've read many positive comments about these pickups.

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    Are you using 250k pots with it?

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