EMG X Series vs 18v Mod EMG setup?

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Thread: EMG X Series vs 18v Mod EMG setup?

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    EMG X Series vs 18v Mod EMG setup?

    Just a question here, getting a guitar with EMG sized routes in it, and kind of want a set just for having something different, so, my question:

    EMG-X series, how much better do they sound?

    What's the difference between them and doing an 18v mod?

    Which would you expect to be better?

    Do the X-Series get better with the 18V mod?

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    i have 2 jacksons, one with 81/60 combo (18v mod), and the other with 81x/60x combo (no 18v mod necessary for the x series). Both guitars have the same specs as far as body wood, neck wood, fretboard etc....so comparing the 2, they are very similar. I think the x series is a bit more open sounding, kinda like they have a slightly broader frequency range. But the 18 v mod on the original emgs does open them up too... i cant really say one is better than the other. They do 'feel' a little different, the x series feels a bit more fluid. But dont rack your brain about it, they are EMGs and they do what you expect from them. If you have a set of originals, id say just use those and do the 18v mod..if you are going to make a purchase, id say pick up the x series and try something new! hope this helps

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    I'v heard that the x's have a little less output and thats why the sound more open. I guess less compression.
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    Less output on the X series. I have 707s, 81-7s and 707Xs... I prefer the regular 707 or 81-7 @9v. The X series just feels really "stiff" @9v. If you are used to regular EMG's you might not dig the X series but if you are used to passives you might like them..

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    Only heard good things about the X series. Apparently they bridge the gap a little between actives and passives. When I had my RG2228 (that I now miss dearly, doh!) I always wanted to put 808x's in it. For people who usually hate regular EMG's, apparently they are better. Saying that though, I loved the regular 808's.

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    I have Xs in a shit ton of stuff, a couple guitars and a bass. They are awesome, still sound like EMGs. Bought them for the extra "X", never bothered comparing them to regular EMGs.

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