What pups? 8 string edition.

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Thread: What pups? 8 string edition.

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    What pups? 8 string edition.

    Here we go another "what pickup should I get thread?".

    Well I picked up an RG8 a little while back, figured I'd mess with it a bit and if I liked it I'd throw some better hardware and pups in it.
    I started writing some new material with it and want to upgrade before recording anything but I can't decide what I want. There's not too many choices for 8s out there but there are even less vids and audio of those choices.

    Clarity is a must for all those strings, but I'm hoping for some warmth. Most of the clips I've heard are clear but sterile. I'm not sure how much of that is the pup and how much is eq, amp, playing style etc.. I love Meshuggah but I'm not going for that tone. The clips I've liked so far were for the SD Pegasus and Sentient, Dimarzio DActivator (not as warm as I'd like tho) and BKP Holy Divers.

    So any advice? I know I really need to just try these out but thats not happening unless I buy them all and cash flow is at a minimum right now.

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    i have the sentient and pegasus in the 7 i just picked up from teddy...


    i have no other 7's with anything but stock pick ups, but compared to my 6 with a JB, it's attack is a lot higher and it has a lot of detail and shape. I have it in drop g# right now, and it gets the g# and a's out clear as day.

    i imagine on the 8, it will also have that clarity.

    I like 'em. I was gassing for the distortions, but these might be a little less gainy and a bit more bitey.
    just passing through....

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    I had a D Activator with a PAF 8 in the neck and they were warm. The DA8 wasn't too much of anything, and the PAF8 was a little on the warm and woody side.

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    Second for the PAF, i had the set in my old Schecter 8 and it was really open for the lower strings, i really liked the set

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