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Thread: Favorite mid heat humbuckers

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    Favorite mid heat humbuckers

    I picked up a new Les Paul studio in May. The pups are 498t and the usual neck pup mate.... They gotta go, they're too hot and too 80s rock thus this guitar doesn't make it to my country/ classic rock gigs.

    Something in the 9-11 resistance range usually works for me .... I have a screamin demon and jazz in an epi les paul ... It's pretty versatile.

    Any other ideas?

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    Dual Duncan Alnico II Pros, or a Suhr DSH or SSH set.
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    A Pearly Gates set would be awesome, too.

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    Wirelessly posted

    PAFs of some sort. Pearly gates do sound good in an lp
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    My favorite pickup combo is the PAFJoe/Mo' Joe. They are medium power and very versatile.

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    I've got a Seth Lover bridge and an old 70s Tokai neck pickup. It makes for a very vintage sounding Paul, which works great in my cover band. It's bright and upper midrangey in the bridge, plucky in the middle, and creamy smooth on the neck. I need more gain than typical to get sustain--9.5k bridge and 7.8k neck--but it's extremely versatile and dynamic.
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    I've got a zebra set of alnico-2 pros I just pulled out of an axe, they sounded pretty good but not really my style obviously lol. Actually they had a nice split tone as well.

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    BKP Blackdog Bridge and VHII Neck or Duncan Alnico II Pro set
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