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Thread: BKP Juggernauts vid demo / review

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    BKP Juggernauts vid demo / review

    First off, nothing like a set of pickups that allows me to save a file called "FAB JUGGS". It's puerile, I know, but the teen in me was delighted. Now that this is out of the way... The reason why I didn't up a video straight off the bat upon getting these was to show in a more readily accessible, cheaper guitar, what these pickups can do, as opposed to some guitars I own that are very difficult to come by at all and many can't afford; that would defeat the point of the demo altogether, in my opinion, so I used a VGS Soulmaster 7 that is the first Evertune guitar I had - it costs 540 EUR, has a plain nato body with a maple neck and a rosewood board, so the specs are quite trivial and easy to find out there.

    This is one of several sets of Juggernauts I own, and they became my 7-string set of choice for most guitars. Among other things, they have a very rich, full tone, yet retain a lot of clarity, without any flub happening in spite of the generous low end response. They are also quite genuine in terms of dynamics - that is something I have struggled with with many sets created for high gain applications, as they slam the input so hard it becomes very difficult to have the pick attack's subtleties translate well to the amp - it is most certainly not the case here, as they respond quick and truthfully to the player's own playing. In my opinion, the most encompassing and versatile set for anyone leaning towards the metal side of things but wants something that covers a lot more ground.

    The gear was simple: guitar straight into my Kemper with profiles of my own Ironheart 60, Budda Superdrive 18W and Silverblade Hellhound straight into my Presonus Firestudio, and no post EQ was applied to prevent artifacts and allow the guitar's interaction with the rigs to shine through. Only standard mastering was applied here, as usual.

    And here's the vid:
    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1SbURtaLl4]Fred Brum - BKP Juggernauts - F.A.B. - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Now to do a Misha's Jugs vs. Jake's Tits comparison. Yes, I went there.
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    Great video dude! Sounds awesome.

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    Great vid Fred, and I like that you did this with a basic axe it lets the product do the talking. Well except the shred, that's all Fred.

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    Yeah, that was the whole point. I could have done this with, say, my blue Jaden with the super posh African mahogany body and other super fancy versions of popular woods, but truth is that I wanted something more mundane, so to speak, something even kids on their usually tight budgets could come across easily and relate to. I wish I had that when I was a kid myself trying to score some pickup upgrades, as the only references you had with them on were far higher end axes than what you could even hope to afford, so it was virtually impossible to tell how your own guitar would react to those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred the Shred View Post
    Now to do a Misha's Jugs vs. Jake's Tits comparison. Yes, I went there.
    Looking forward to this Badass playing as always Fred
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    how much tonal improvement did those new pups do to that VGS? compared to the original set..

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    I think a fairer tone test would be if you were as average a player as that guitar haha. Your chops are savage dude!! Great vid!

    Such bump, oh my wow

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    Love that lead at 1:10~. I'm glad I ordered one!
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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