It took a while, but I finally got myself a pair of these:

Actually those are the old pair of Breeds. I got them already installed on my RG620X:

I haven't had the time to play this properly yet (only a few late night plays on the Vox Satch Plug and Peavey Vypyr… year not really a true sense of tone test I know). But these are quite sophisticated for Dimarzio standards. It's voiced similarly to the Breed, but a lot less PAF characteristics, so mid city but harmonics just jump right at you. Both pickups are great but I was really surprised by the bridge. The clarity was great even with tons of gain. Loved it so much, hell it sounded fantastic in the Satch Plug that I ended up losing sleep from forgetting the time.

Definitely going to try out the Breed Neck/Gravity Storm Bridge for my next potential HSH project.