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Thread: Upgrading rg8 pickups

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    Upgrading rg8 pickups

    So far I'm looking at d activators mostly, but haven't heard much about the ionizer. Anyone familiar with these?

    Also I am considering Bkp painkiller, because I like it so much In my six.

    Any thoughts? Thanks
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    I had a set of Dimarzio Paf8's in my old Schecter and really liked the tone, they had good clarity on the low strings, not woolly on the treble, good pickups

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    I second the PAF8. It was still tight, but a little more woody and midrangey sounding. I dug it for high gain, but it was unreal for low gain and clean stuff. I'm thinking about putting them in my RG8 (had an RGA8 before).

    I had D Activator 8s and really, really liked them, too. They were a little more bright and punchy than the PAF8, but still great for everything. I had a Bare Knuckle Warpig which was cool, but it's not worth 2x+ the DiMarzios for me.

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    I can recomm3end the DA8's, really like them, they transformed my 2228 from an ok sounding guitar (with the EMG808's) into a tight, punchy guitar with a lot better cut. Guitar probably sounded fine with EMGs, but, to be honest, I am not an EMG guy, hence the DA8's.

    Not tried ionizers, but was thinking about it.

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    Ionizers from what I hear are really good. Might also wanna think about about some bare knuckles. The Nailbombs and Painkillers are pretty good.

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    I also really like the D Activators--especially the neck, which has a nice punch and sounds fantastic clean. The bridge sounds good too, but I find it a teeny bit stiff. I don't tend to go for the tightest tones, though, so YMMV. What kind of sound are you going for?

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    Location: Just outside Boston
    ME: Jackson DXMG
    MA: ibanez
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    thanks for the responses.

    well, i was an emg guy for a long time, but i hate the high end bite. yuck.

    i generally prefer crushing mids, tight fast bass and smooth liquid like high end with a lot of warm.

    like i said above, i do own a painkiller and LOVE it. but thats in a mahogany guitar.
    my lundgren m6 sounds amazing in my all maple guitar.

    so.. my question is… what does basswood naturally sound like?

    the ionizer looks to have TONS of mid

    i will def look at the paf8

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    Join Date: Sep 2013
    Location: Just outside Boston
    ME: Jackson DXMG
    MA: ibanez
    Rig: Jam Up/Bias

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    I think I'm gonna go ahead with the ionizer. I'm super intrigued by them. Also they seem to sound really good clean, and I need some good clean tones. My current pickups are one trick ponies kinda.
    I'm planning to custom order from the axe palace white with black pole pieces.

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