Crunch Lab and Liquifire for Les Paul?

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Thread: Crunch Lab and Liquifire for Les Paul?

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    Crunch Lab and Liquifire for Les Paul?

    So I've seen similar threads to this before, I'm sure you guys probably have too, so I apologize if this sounds familiar. Anyway, in your experience, how does the DM Crunch Lab/ Liquifire combo sound in a Les Paul-style guitar?

    I've heard from a couple of sources that they sound too compressed; I'd really appreciate the feedback if you've tried this yourself.

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    I think nearly everyone here will say:

    I like both of them. Just last night I was playing my 7620 with a CL in the bridge and I liked how much 'quack' it has for leads. The LF seems nice enough for a neck pickup, but I very rarely use a neck pickup, so my standards might be low.

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    The liquifire is a watered down Air Norton. If you're going for a DiMarzio neck pickup, just get the Air Norton, it's awesome. The Crunchlab, you'll like it the first time you hear it, then it will get stale quickly. It's just too flat of a pickup and lacks any real soul. I'd much more recommend an Evo or a Super Distortion for the bridge than a Crunchlab. The Evo screams but may be too much for some, the Super Distortion is nicely balanced and thick sounding.

    Crunchlab and Liquifire are just not as good as these other pickups IMO.

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    Dimarzios in a Les Paul? For metal. or?

    For metal tones I would go Dominion for the bridge. The LF isn't bad though, it's the CL that sucks, IMO.

    Otherwise: PAF PAF.

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    If someone kicked me in the nuts, and spit on my face, I still wouldn't hate them enough to recommend a CL/LF.
    I'd agree almost exactly with what Vince said, but I'd say ToneZone/Air Norton , or Steve's special/air norton.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    I quite like the combo in my JP7, however for a Lester I'd be looking at something else.

    Maybe try the newer Illuminators as an alternative to what the other guys have suggested?

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    i had a LF/X2N combo in an old 7620, needless to say at least the crunch lab was an improvement over the x2n, i dont mind the tone you can get from it but there are lots of better pickups out there.

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