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Thread: PAF-ey single sized Humbucker

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    PAF-ey single sized Humbucker

    Looking to replace the bridge pickup on my Strat with a single cool sized bucker that has a PAF style tone, and matches well with the Cruisers in the neck and middle. I've got a Cruiser there now, and I'm just not digging the overly bright thin bite in the bridge.

    Why not route? I could, and I'm not afraid to, but first I don't think it would fit with the Fishman MIDI pickup, and second, I actually really dig the current look.

    I'm thinking either the Pro Track (which I previously quite liked in the neck on another Strat) or a Lil '59.

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    lil 59
    Or a lil demon
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    Chopper gets my vote it's designed to work with the cruisers in the mid and neck positions
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    lil pearly gates?

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    It's between the Chopper and Pro Track, but the latter seems a little fatter, and more humbuckery. I'm gonna give it a go. It's so difficult to really get a good idea on a pickup, when all we've really got going is Youtube/Soundcloud, different guitars, amps, etc.

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