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Thread: If you need pickups on the cheap...

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    If you need pickups on the cheap...

    Not sure if all you guys have these stores locally, but their online inventory of pickups is hella CHEAP. I'm seeing distortions, invaders, JBs, Jazz, D-activators, EVOs, 81s, 85s, etc. all going for under 50$ i even saw an ionizer 8 on there for 25$
    I was looking to grab an Alternate 8 from them and remembered how cheap they run pickups. All used, of course. But i figured I'd share
    Search | Music Go Round
    their search engine is pretty crappy. its best to just search by brand

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    Used or not, those are pretty good prices on a wide variety of stuff.

    I've never used Music Go Round - is it kind of like GBase, where stores list their own wares and are responsible for shipping/customer service?

    I only ask because there is some risk of getting a pickup that has been damaged by the previous owner - some of them look pretty grody - and I'm wondering if anything is guaranteed or if returns can be processed through the site or not...

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    ME: Jackson King V
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    not sure man, I'm not familiar with GBase. but i know their return policy it pretty tight. You have to contact the original store it was shipped from within 48 hours of receiving your item, as they are franchised. i wouldn't be too concerned about pickups though, they seem to stand the test of time. Just don't go buying those rusty old invaders

    and welcome to the forum dude

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    I've purchased several things from MGR, with no issues at all.

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    Seems like a cool site. Im pretty sure im going to end up buying something there.

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    I'll definitely check it out!

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    Wirelessly posted

    MGR is awesome, I check their used section all the time

    Edit: who else thought this was gonna be a GFS thread?
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    Shit, that's awesome! But dear god, those shipping prices

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