Good Dimarzio for mahogany/flame maple RG3120?

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Thread: Good Dimarzio for mahogany/flame maple RG3120?

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    Good Dimarzio for mahogany/flame maple RG3120?

    Hey kiddos!!!
    I'm finally landing one of my dream guitars... a twilight blue rg3120. Wanted one forever.... so pumped.
    It comes with a Tone Zone bridge and PAF Pro neck. i know i'll love the PAF in the neck, but i'm unsure about the TZ; it's been a really long time since i used one, so maybe i'll be surprised, but i remember thinking it was overly heavy in the low mids, and kinda dark.
    Bridge pickups i really like: EVO, D Sonic, Ionizer/Polymath, Titan, Super II, BKP Aftermath, BKP Cold Sweat, Duncan Nazgul, Duncan JB, anything Suhr....

    What Dimarzio would be a good match for me? i've got a set of Titans that would probably sound sick, but i'm open to ideas!!

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    Evo 2 all the way bro. Failing that, PAF 36th anniversary or PAF Pro.
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    Titans are designed specifically for those specs. Put those in if you don't enjoy the TZ/PAF.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Give the TZ a shot - it was the Jemsite go to 6 string bridge pickup for years, and does especially well in that wood pairing.

    (the 7 string version was kinda meh as I recall)
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    7 string version of the TZ is pretty meh. 6 string works wonders in mahogany maple.

    it also work in alder with a maple neck.

    If you dont like it after a good try to a dominion and then rock the fuck out

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    I'd put an Aftermath in that.

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    my 3120 has a gravity storm in the bridge,that the previous owner put in it (and did a mess with the screws...some people should not be allowed to meddle with guitars by themselves )

    it's not bad,very clear,and absolutely not dark sounding

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    Duncan JB/Custom 5 hybrid.

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