EMG 81/85 pickup installation problem

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Thread: EMG 81/85 pickup installation problem

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    EMG 81/85 pickup installation problem

    I am new to this forum and wanted to see if anyone could provide some help. I have an 81/85 set that I was installing in a one tone, one volume, and toggle setup. Now the only pickup that is working is the 85 in the neck with the toggle switch only selecting the 85 as well in all three settings. Any ideas would be awesome because I am at a loss.

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    Did this come with the solderless kit and a wiring diagram? Is this just a set of pickups, what parts did you install etc. If you didn't get a kit, did you download the wiring diagram?

    What kind of guitar? Were the pickups in it active to begin with or passive? Did EMG's come stock, for that matter?

    Can you give some details and maybe some pictures? I'm new to working on pickups as well, but I might be able to point you in the right direction with more information.
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    Post pics of what you've done. Put your camera in "macro mode" and make sure the lighting is great. If you do this, I will send you specific instructions about how to fix your problem.

    If you don't have a multimeter, get one ASAP. Get this one on Amazon, should be less than $20: Extech MN35 Digital Mini MultiMeter

    You will use it many times over.

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