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Thread: Fishman Fluence Modern 7 string demo! Whitechapel content

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    Fishman Fluence Modern 7 string demo! Whitechapel content

    Hey lads and lasses! I've gotten a ton of questions about the Fishman Fluence modern ceramic 7 string set, so I thought I would make a video utilizing these beasts to show you all how flippin' sick they sound. Easily the best actives of all time, and some of my favorite humbuckers ever, right up there with my Dimarzios, Duncan's, and BKP's!

    This is Alex Wade of Whitechapel's Horizon NT7 that I swirled and installed Fluences in. Playing through my Kemper Profiler using a 5153 profile Zack Householder made, playing This is Exile by Whitechapel. Pretty saturated with Chapel hahahaha..... Anyway, enjoy and let me know if you've got any questions!

    Fishman Fluence Modern ceramic 7 Whitechapel This is Exile guitar cover - YouTube

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    They seem to sound pretty great, with good scratch to them. (I've been curious of that entire line of pickups)

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    Man, they don't actually sound half bad
    Finally caught Whitechapel last week in Manchester and they were fucking savage. Those guys, Suicide Silence, Carnifex and Ingested. Fucking hell what a show
    Got to briefly meet Gabe afterwards, what a dude.


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    hahaha yeah Gabe is freakin' hilarious. Just about the most country dude on the planet.

    Thanks for watching, guys!

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    They sound exactly like EMGs to me.

    I really want them to release a seven version of the Classic set, since I think those would be more my speed.
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    Definitely looking forward to the Classic set.

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    If Frank Falbo had a hand in these, they're probably worth checking out.
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