EMG 57/66 set larger than 81/85 set?

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Thread: EMG 57/66 set larger than 81/85 set?

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    EMG 57/66 set larger than 81/85 set?

    I have a Charvel DX-1 ST that came with EMG 81/85's. I ordered a 57/66 EMG set knowing that EMGs are easy to swap with other EMGs. However, I found out that this is not the case. I took out the original pickups, and hooked in the new ones just fine, but the 57/66 set seem to stretch my pickup rings. And when I do get them screwed in, adjustment is impossible because they're too tight a fit. Does anyone here know what the problem might be?

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    That's odd. I've changed several sets of 81 for 57/66 and thy all swapped fine. Could be your pickup rings are abnormally small and that's why they're tight in there. The 57/66 is only fractionally larger so it shouldn't be an issue normally.

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    I had this same problem when i got mine, had to get new pickup rings. They're only a hair larger, but EMG's themselves are larger than normal pickups due to the square frame of the case (I spent most of Wednesday filing/sanding my new custom pickguard for my RG550 so it would take a standard 81/85 set!)
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    I had a set, had the same problem on my LTD MH400. I had to sand out the pickup routs juuuust a little to get them to fit. Of course, I ended up not liking them, so I basically did that for nothing.

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    My Schecter - same issue. 81/89 set fig perfectly.

    I had to file the ears on the 57/66 set to get them in... not much. I wasn't comfortable taking a Dremel to my guitar.
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    I've heard of this issue a couple of times now, especially on other forums. It just seems that the pickup lugs are a tad larger and need filing down to fit them in to most cavities. I just installed a 57/66 set into my Setius 6 this weekend and luckily they fit great. No extra filing or routing needed.

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