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Thread: Recommend Drew Seven String Humbucker Sets Thread

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    Recommend Drew Seven String Humbucker Sets Thread

    Since I keep side-tracking everyone else's pickup threads...

    I want to try a new set of pickups in my Suhr. Swamp ash body, flamed maple top, roasted maple neck and board, H-H with an OFR. Currently, I have a set of Bareknuckle Rebel Yells in there. Nice pickups, but I think I'd rather go with something a little darker/thicker rather than reasonably bright pickups like these that I'm using the amp to darken up.

    Looking for something medium-hot; the phrase I've used in the past is "a PAF that's been hitting the tequila a bit and is punching a bit above it's weight." Vocal leads with a responsive neck pickup attack are a priority, as is splitting well; pretty much anything else isn't.

    What I've played, in 6 and 7:

    Rebel Yells; pretty close, actually, but they feel weaker than they are and only really sound their best with lots of gain, IMO.
    Stock Suhr Pickups; 7V and 7+ - maybe I should give these another shot; not too dissimilar to the Rebel Yells, though with a TON of low midrange.
    Blaze neck and bridge - probably my favorite all-around seven string bridge pickup in basswood - nice harmonic haze to sustained lead notes, kind of a rounded off "burnished" high end, deep bass. Not scooped so much as more low-mid than mid. Definitely a contender if it holds up well in swamp ash. The neck seemed kind of dark to me, though I've been meaning to throw it back in my UV so maybe I'll like it more these days.
    PAF Pro - favorite neck pickup I've played to date. Very "round" lead sound, but with a good attack. Doesn't come as a 7.
    PAF7 - surprisingly bright. Nice, but doesn't quite have the PAF Pro magic.
    Fred - harmonic overtone thing is nice, but too bright and felt underpowered.
    AT-1 - favorite six string lead pickup, hands down. thick midrange, similar high end to a Blaze, though the low end wasn't as deep. Output felt about right too.
    JB and JB7 - has this aggressive chainsaw-like snarl that I could never dial out, with a fairly not-punchy low end. Great rhythm pickup, pretty good lead pickup as a 6, less so as a 7 for some reason. The AT1 is evidently based on an older, weaker JB, if it helps.
    59-7 - not unlike a PAF7, actually, with a little more high end sparkle and presence. Maybe worth a shot, and I could just pull one out of my C7 to try.
    EVO7 - barely remembered this one, back when I had one in a 2027. Had a great "screaming lead" sound to it in mahogany, pretty balanced. Probably the wrong direction for the Suhr though.
    AN7 and TZ7 - lumping them together because it's been so long I don't remember them well. The Tone Zone 7 doesn't get much love anymore because it doesn't compare to the 6 (ceramic magnet), but it's been so long since I've played one that it might be worth a shot. Don't remember a thing about the AN7.

    Given these likes and dislikes, what else should I look at?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    And a handle???

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    BKP A5 Nailbomb set. Compare the tone clips on the BKP site to those of the RY and you'll see what I mean.

    Holydiver is all "HEY MOTHERFUCKER HERE ARE SOME FAT MIDS" with a pretty crisp/tight bass response and a very rounded top end. Pretty much as fat as you can wind an A5 pickup without getting silly. It might work for you but my instinct is the Nailbomb.
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    The BKP Holydiver has similar characteristics to the AT1 and it's also somewhat based on the 80's JB. It comes in 7-string variant as well. Perhaps a callibrated set could do the job.

    I haven't tried them yet, but the Pegasus/Sentient set may be your alley as well. The Pegasus seems to be in the 80's JB ballpark as well and the Sentient sits in between the Jazz and the 59.

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    I vote for trying the Suhr's again. The seem similar to the Aldrich with the low-mid. Darkened the hell out of my Buckethead Les Paul over the stocks and really smoothed out the gain.

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    I asked DiMarzio for something very similar recently (but for mahogany) and their response was an Illuminator 7 neck in the bridge.

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    MB: Dingwall Afterburner 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    This is actually very tempting. There's something to be said for tossing a set of Blazes in a $$$$ custom.

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