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    *That* question... Soz.

    Another thread on "which pickups should I get?"
    I have a lovely Ibanez RGD with not as lovely pickups. The V7/V8 set is a bit muddy for my liking so I'd like to replace them but I don't know what with. As per usual, the body is basswood, it's a 6 stringer and I play in D standard. I'm looking for a pretty fat bridge rhythm sound with plenty of definition for Prog-Death riffs and a versatile neck pickup for very clear clean sections and maybe *that* glossy (if you get what I mean?) lead sound.
    The pickups on my build from last year (Duncan Distortion and Hot Stack) do pretty well at that although the neck pickup isn't hot enough for lead guitar. However, I'd like to try something new. Got no experience with Dimarzios and it's been ages since I had EMGs. (Pretty interested in the 81/85 if I can work out a convenient way to change batteries)
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    I put DiMarzio Titans in my RGA a few weeks ago. I like them a lot, but I'm a year into having picked up my first guitar so there's that.
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    Well, the PAF Pro is my all time favorite neck pickup, so I'd start there. Fat AND definition might be a little tough, though - the Tone Zone is about as fat as anything Dimarzio makes, but isn't super crisp. Do you want the guitar to sound fat, or do you want the fatness to come from the amp? Maybe something like the Illuminator would put you in the right direction - never played one, but it's probably built well for what you're doing. And of course the Super Distortion is kind of a classic.
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    Crunchlab/Liquifier would be my vote, bruh.
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    Titans. Definitely. I'm in Eb/drop c# depending on mood, I play prog, and everything else, and it does it all.
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    Cheers for the suggestions, lads. The general consensus seems to be Dimarzio it seems, the Titans seem interesting. Had a listen to those in comparison to EMGs and there wasn't a whole load of difference so they could be pretty good for my Melodeath-ish stuff.
    Drew, good point in mentioning the whole fatness thing. I suppose when it comes to that, being an Engl guy, I'm looking to get it from the amp

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    The Crunch Lab would do well on chords (I mean, NOT power chords but regular chords per se) even with heavy gain, lots of definition and bite. I dunno what type of Proggy stuff you play but I'm assuming you do a lot of chord riffing

    For neck PuPs the any PAF type would do

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    I like the Pegasus/Sentient combo for detuned prog chords that clean up really well using the volume knob or the amp's channel switching. They also stay tight no matter how much distortion you heap on.
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