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Thread: (Video) EMG-818x/668 Metal Test

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    (Video) EMG-818x/668 Metal Test

    Hi fellas,

    Here's it goes: a straightforward evaluation of the EMG-818x and EMG-668 in a metal context: rhythm, lead bridge and lead neck. I'm loving the textures (I'm also working on the EMG-818 and EMG-578 and the results are amazing as well).

    Comments? Thanks!

    - Signal chain: Carvin DC800 - Axe FX II - Logic Pro X
    - Axe FX II patch: "5153" based, Quantum 1.00
    - No post EQ
    - Guitar specs: Carvin/Kiesel DC800, swamp ash body, quilted maple top, birdseye maple fretboard, neck thru, maple neck, hipshot bridge (string thru)

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    Seeing as your only posts are in threads you start, shilling whatever product you've been sent most recently, I'm locking this one up. Contribute to the general forum more, or fuck off.

    Also, your guitar tone is utter over-processed garbage and sounds nothing like a guitar at all.
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