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Thread: Halp! Question for EMG 57/66 users

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    Halp! Question for EMG 57/66 users

    So I'm testing out a 57/66 set in my SLAT3-7 and I'm still debating if I keep them or not... I've noticed that the EMG 66 has a lot less output than the 57 and a ton more of bass (specs sheet shows identical output voltage values on both if that means something).

    Is this normal? I'm having a hard time balancing them. Previously I had a 707/60 set (which I've used for AGES) and the difference in output between the 707 and the 60 wasn't that dramatic. It's not that the 66 has low volume, but rather a much less distorted or "hot" sound even at maximum height (1mm from the strings). The waveform size differences when recording are also quite noticeable.

    Most common EMGs were never conceived as callibrated sets but this ones are, so maybe the low output of the 66 is intentional? Is it really much lower output than the 57 or did I get a bad pickup?

    I haven't changed pickups since fire age, so I may just be paranoid or something!

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    I haven't tried the 57 / 66 set, but have you checked that your bridge pickup height just isn't set too high, causing the neck is sounding relatively low in comparison?

    If that's not it, then perhaps the 66 just is a lower-output pickup. I know that they're marketing them as a very "all-round" set, so I shouldn't imagine that they're super high-output anyway.
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    Pickup heights are a bit tricky with that set. I don't like them as close to the strings as other EMGs. Also, I found the exact opposite problem as yours when I first tossed them into my Jackson. The neck is overwhelmingly huge and the bridge was rather flat and thin. Some height adjustments fixed that shit right up, though.

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