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Thread: Nazgul or Black Winter?

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    Nazgul or Black Winter?

    Hello all. Very first post here, but have visited a few times. I recently picked up a floor demo ESP Ltd for a good price, and im ready to swap out the bridge pickup. The lowest I tune down to is drop C, and I play along the lines of KSE, As I Lay Dying, August burns red, etc. I know many will say EMG, but ive used them in the past, and would like to stick with passive. Ive listened to many demos, and I'm leaning towards either a SD Nazgul or Black Winter. I'd like to get some opinions from anyone who has any experience with these, pros and cons for either. YT videos can only give one so much info. Thanks to all in advance. Oh yeah, I'll be playing through a dual rectifier and cab.

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    Nazgul or a Duncan JB gets my vote

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    SH-4 is where it's at, get that JB

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    ^ They're all wrong. What they meant to say was SH-6 Distortion
    From what I understand, the Nazgul and Black Winter are evolutions, if you will, of the Distortion. A bit too exaggerated from what I've heard of them though.
    FWIW I play Distortions through a Dual Rec and it's an absolutely killer match. The Distortion is a really clear, hi-fi pickup, nice and thick sounding too so doesn't get shrill on leads, despite the really open top end.
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    I've not played the Nazgul, but I have 6 strings in drop C loaded with EMG 81's and Black Winters. The Black Winter is as tight as the EMG, slightly fizzier but with more note clarity. I've only had the Black Winters in couple of weeks so I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but I think I prefer them by a hair over my EMG's. I'm playing them through either a Diezel Einstein or a Mesa Road King II.
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    I just find the Nazgul to be too much, especially in mahogany.

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    The Pegasus is more versatile, and sounds wonderful clean as well. The Nazgul is great if all you do is drop-tuned heavy heavy riffs. It is EQ'd severely for this, and is great at it, but not so much for anything else. Both are great, but just serve different functions.
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    From Nazgul and Black Winter I would also choose Distortion

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