Dimarzio X2N vs. Seymour Duncan JB?

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Thread: Dimarzio X2N vs. Seymour Duncan JB?

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    Dimarzio X2N vs. Seymour Duncan JB?

    I'm looking to upgrade the pickups in my Schecter (Mahogany body / ebony neck). I play progressive metal, so Im looking for versatile (bridge) pickups that have very high gain, but also sound good at lower output / clean. Im looking to get a tone similar to bands like Mastodon, Gojira, and Tool. I play mostly downtuned music (drop C), and mostly rhythm stuff. Not too concerned with lead/solo tones.

    Based on my guitars specs, Dimarzio's website recommends the X2N, and SD recommends the JBs.

    I play through a Mesa Dual Rectifier.

    Any suggestions on which to choose? Ive read the X2Ns are hotter, but less versatile. But Ive also heard they compliment a guitars natural sound better, which I like because I like mahogany tone.

    I have no way of trying both, and sound examples on the internet are hard to judge by.

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    Progressive like Dream Theater and Fates Warning, or progressive like Periphery and Vildhjarta?

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    Isnt X2N and JB very different pickups? Obviously you cant trust either of their "pickup selectors" if you used roughly the same specs on both sites.

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    These are two radically different pickups. The X2N is an ultra-high-output humbucker, while the JB is a medium-hot overwound PAF with a bit more harmonic content.

    I'm with Crooks, some indication on what exact sort of tone you're after would help. Also, what pickups are you using currently, and what do you like or dislike about them?
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    I have an X2N currently, and its wayyyyyyyy too hot for my tastes. I'd never be able to use it for anything like Dream Theater and be happy with it. The JB is much more suitable to that. If like Crooks says you want something heavier like the ones he mentioned, the X2N will be closer to what you want.

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    If you want some versatility between these two go for the JB. If you want molten metal 90% of the time go with the X2N.

    edit: I own both of these pickups

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    To put it simply: There isn't a single style you can't do with the JB (and do convincingly, at that). The X2N is a constant compressed 'clang' that I wouldn't even use if I was playing death metal 100%. If you'd like your JB with a touch more 'polish', go for the Distortion.
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    I dont think you want either. I have a JB in my old Kramer and love it but I find the low end to be flubby and not very tight. Like Mattayus said, I think a Distortion might be a better pick.

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