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Thread: Duncan 59 question

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    Duncan 59 question

    Recently I bought a used Seymour Duncan SH-59 (30 euros) to replace the Neck PUP on my Schecter Omen 6 and what an AMAZING PUP, simply love it and since I already had the Distortion on the Bridge the combination seemed to be made in Heaven cause I can swear the guitar not only jumped in Tone but it seems shes even plays better, I got fan of Duncans

    Wanna try to put this combination on another Guitar and I was wondering if there a Duncan 59 that is split able? Or something very close to it.

    On my Googling around I found this Set of 59's:

    Seymour Duncan SH-59 Set Vintage Blues BK - Thomann UK

    And also this Set of Distortions:


    Since I Love both of them isolated I started to wonder how they really behave as a full set instead of a mix, if anyone has any clues and care to share hints ill be appreciated, they are for Metal/Blues dabbling at home, so no fancy Amp of any kind.

    I also saw there's a JB set but after seeing this video I prefer to Tone of the Distortion:

    The Guitar im planning to put them on is a Mahogany Body

    Just to finish, are there any version of the 59 that is splitable? Guess not but...


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    You can get four-wire '59s, but you have to order them, I think.

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    This is correct. Normally, they are 2 conductor (most of them you will find in stores), but they can be ordered 4 conductor. Also, 2 conductor versions can be converted to 4 conductor, but it is delicate work. Not difficult, but delicate. There are some YouTube videos that show how.
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    Yup, just order 4-conductor. That's what I have in my main PRS.
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    So its possible, nice to know since Im really digging not only the 59 but the whole Distortion/59 Combo

    Tks for the heads up.

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