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    NPD: Breed

    It's in!

    Think the tip on my soldering iron was going, because every connection I made looked cold as shit. Spent all day trying to figure out how the hell I was fucking up soldering 2 points, gave up and called a tech--who very, very nicely said he'd help me out for free. I think he my have wired it like a normal 5 way instead of an Ibanez one though, because now the singles sound super anemic. Ended up picking up a radioshack iron, so we'll see how that goes. Was planning on moving the volume to the tone spot, so it's not like I wasn't going to be fiddling in the thing's guts anyway.

    The bridge pickup works fine, however, and it sounds fucking glorious. Not to get too far down the nebulous pickup tone words rabbit hole, but it sounds really juicy. Tight enough to chug on, but still sounds really big. Lots of pick attack, squealies pop out really easy. Really, really happy.

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    Seriously, great pickup choice.

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    I'm fuckin' pumped right now. Definitely my favorite pickup so far.

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    Breeds are pretty damn awesome pickups, I really really like the neck breed!

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    The Breed rules!

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    I love Breeds! Such a 'juicy' pickup. I bet it sounds as good as it looks in that rad RG560 too.

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    Hey Breed lovers, is there a perfect match single for an HSH setup with Breeds?
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    I have just used Fender American standard singles with good success but the Jems with Breeds use the Evo middle pickup

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