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Thread: Close cousin of the Seymour Duncan SH-4 for Metal

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    Close cousin of the Seymour Duncan SH-4 for Metal

    I own a 1985 Kramer Striker 400ST that I LOVE. The touch is perfect, the neck is super straight. I just love this axe.

    I play mostly Black Metal, Rock/Old school influenced metal. My current chain is Pedal Projects Klon -> Vintage RAT -> JCM 800 2204

    I use to play using the stock pickups. Don't ask me what they are, just don't know. I recently decided to change the bridge pickup for a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4, and I love the way the mids are rising up, and the gain level is much more suitable than my stock pickup to be able to tweak my pedals to feed my JCM 800.

    I am right now very close to what I am looking for, dirty yet detailed sound.

    All this introduction to say that however, I think its not 100% the right pickup for me. I am looking for a just a bit more gain, but keeping the sonic characteristics of the SH-4. Some sort of real close cousin of it.

    Does anybody have a good idea which pickup I should consider? I am allergic to active pickups by the way Hehe
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    Dave Mustaine Livewires. Based on the JB/Jazz set, but with more output.

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    Suhr Aldrich. Like a "perfected" JB, less wool, more snarl, more dynamic.
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    SD Distortion. If you like the JB but want a little more from it then youll love the Distortion. Sounds similar to the JB but has a little more gain/low end.

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    Second the Distortion, built similar to the JB but it has a ceramic magnet instead of the alnico. I'm sure the Aldrich would also be good though can't say I've had the chance to try one myself and those will cost a little more.

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    Dean DMT Baker Act..hotter than a JB with more/tighter bass, slightly less of a mid-hump & not shrill on top like a JB can be. (ie, like a more balanced version of a JB)...still very obviously JB-like.

    Also, the Russian Fokin Saboteur pup I just bought ...not really a JB clone, but it has the sweet mid-hump/overtones/honk, while being darker/a tad hotter overall...the top is rounder & fatter & very present too.

    Maybe just the honeymoon period.. but I see myself using a lot more Saboteur's in my guitars in the near future
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    Distortion. It's a no-brainer. It's literally the JB's cousin. It's the exact same pickup, same wind, same everything, except it's got a ceramic magnet instead of the alnico V. So it's tighter, bigger bottom end (but still tighter), more hi-fi, and although they measure roughly the same on DCR, the Distortion tends to come off a little hotter.
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    How would a Distortion or JB with an A8 compare to an actual JB?

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