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Thread: Nostalgia Blue build picstory (many pics)

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    Nostalgia Blue build picstory (many pics)

    It was over a year ago when my best friend told me about this pear tree in his back yard. Tall, feeble, painfully arching and giving way under its own weight, the umbrella which provided shade from the sun and rain was now only a wire frame with a few fabric remnants still intact. Decades of unselfishly giving up its young for the nourishment of the families that have occupied the adjacent homes have come to an end. When one knocked upon its body, the hollow resonance apparently confirmed my friend’s sorrowful suspicion; she had passed.

    A week or so later, the final cut brought her to the ground. Her body echoed upon landing, reminiscent of the last footsteps in an emptied grandparent’s house. Then, almost to his horror, he witnessed that she was actually solid throughout! Could she have been dormant? Paralyzed? Comatose? All the signs of death were there. Anger, sadness and guilt now fought within his conscious.

    Tapping on her sides, that fate establishing sound was still there. Soon thereafter, I got a phone call.

    “I know you built that guitar out of cherry, but, have you ever heard of a guitar built from pear wood?”

    “Pear wood? Nope, can’t say that I have.”

    “Wanna give it a try?”

    So, after letting the wood air dry for a little over a year, I started building Nostalgia Blue. As I worked, I took pictures with my camera phone and sent them via message. It was a lot of fun and gave everyone an idea of the process and timeline. The pictures posted here aren’t exactly in order, but, you’ll get the idea.

    As usual, it begins with clamping up boards. First, the body back boards (pear)…

    …the body top boards (quilted maple)…

    …and the neck boards (pear).

    The next day I glued up the two sets of body back boards (pear)…

    …and started working on the neck.

    Neck blank planed flat, square and head angle is cut.

    The truss rod cavity is routed (note the fancy home-made edge guide).

    Close up of the truss rod cavity end.

    Then the fingerboard (ebony) is glued on.

    The next day the body top (quilted maple) is glued to the body back (pear)…

    …and I get back to working on the neck.

    …cutting out the headstock shape…

    …the width of the neck…

    …radiusing the fingerboard…

    … shiny…

    …cutting the fret slots and fret wire…

    …frets installed, leveled and crowned.

    The neck is cut to thickness…

    …and the rough shape is made using a rasp.

    The final shape is done with sandpaper…

    …and the headstock shape is finalized.

    Gotta have a nut! So, in keeping with previous builds, I’m using bone. Cow bone to be specific.

    Back to working on the body. The shape is cut…

    …contour map drawn…

    …neck pocket routed…

    …pickup wire hole drilled…

    …contours terraces routed…

    …then shaped using a rasp and scraper…

    …and finally with sandpaper. I wiped it with naptha to show the figuring. Oooo pretty!

    The neck is glued to the body…D’oh! No picture! Oops. Then she is strung for the first time.

    She didn’t implode, so, it’s on to routing pickup and control cavities.

    …and making a control cavity cover from quilted maple.

    The heel and knee contours are shaped.

    Final sanding is done and it’s on to staining!

    …sanding back.

    …and staining again…

    …and one last coat of stain.

    I don’t have a setup for spraying clear coat, so I have to apply the clear coats using a brush. It’s a lot of hard work, but looks ok in the end.

    In the midst of this, I also made the pickups using the Stew Mac kit and a highly modified sewing machine. But, that’s a story for another thread. (Hah! Sewing machine….thread…funny…)

    And here she is…

    My friend requested the firebird emblem on the headstock. (He’s a huge fan.)

    I'm really happy with how she plays and sounds. It'll be tough to give her up, but she's going to a loving home. My friend hasn’t seen the final pictures yet, nor does he know about the “Brother” inlay/sticker or that I made the pickups. We’ve been best friends for over 20 years, and it was a pleasure to build this for him. Now, all he needs to do is learn how to play! (He’s a drummer.)

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    Damn. That is AWESOME.

    Should have kept the Schecter neck profile though.

    What's on the headstock? Shipping peel-off-tape?

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    wow man it's beautiful! where do you buy your stains at? I got a mahogany body coming in soon and I want to stain it black.
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    Beautiful work!

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    Wow. That came out really nice! Really cool story behind it and it looks like pear wood could be nice. Awesome! I dig the logo on the headstock too, nice touch.

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    That is, without a doubt, one of the nicest looking guitars I've ever seen, and a very cool story behind it

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    Looks sweet dude. But what pups and how does it sound? Both acoustically and plugged into an amp.
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