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Thread: HELP - floyd rose fiasco !

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    HELP - floyd rose fiasco !

    Before I decide to throw my guitar out the window I'm going to try once again to fix it but I need some advice. Here's the story:

    My geetar is an Ibanez rg350mdx that I have had for a few years. Not an amazing ibanez by any means, but after ditching the edge tremolo and adding dimarzio pickups it's not a bad guitar. Personally, I think it has a better feel than my friend's prestige (I'm a big sucker for maple necks).

    Anyways, there is one reoccurring problem that I cannot seem to fix and it's something that I don't think the average floyd user has to contend with: The screws on the backside of the guitar that hold the springs strip themselves out of the guitar's body!!! Yes - the wood doesn't seem to like the pressure of the floyd rose system and the screws come out! This happened a couple years ago, and all I did was re-screw them back in and no problem. Then about a few months (or maybe a year, I don't really remember), it happened again. OK FINE, so I decided to use some type of wood putty in the holes which worked...temporarily.

    I thought maybe my biggest problem was that I was using 9 gauge strings which means less pull on the springs/screws which in return means that the screws aren't in far enough into the body which (in my opinion) meant that there wasn't enough holding them in (I tune a whole step down). So I ended up moving to a gauge of 11. Since there was more pull on the strings this time, that would mean that I would have to screw the screws further into the body, meaning more help in keeping those damn things inside the body. I was wrong!

    So after the wood putty didn't work, I tried gorilla glue (hey it works miracles on the wood of furniture, why not a guitar?). That worked...for a little bit.

    I wake up today to notice that they popped out. I can't do this anymore. (Yes, the temperature in my room changes but I couldn't imagine that would have such a terrible impact so often) Time for another guitar? Probably, but I don't have the money and I do enjoy my RG.

    What should I do?? I really thought gorilla glue was going to work! Will anything work?!????????????????????????????????

    And everytime this happens, it seems to mess up the tension/bow of the neck slightly, which essentially means that I get to perform a full adjustment after every's so fucking awesome! (sarcasm)
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    You're attacking this the wrong way, since wood putty is useless for anything but filling holes to be painted over, and glue is not enough on it's own. You need to drill out the holes, glue in dowels, and re-drill small pilot holes for the wood screws.
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    So really, I'm just temporarily fixing the problem, if that. Thanks!

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    What noodles said, or get longer screws...

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    Yeah, I did get longer screws too haha.

    I'm gonna try that out, hopefully it will work!

    Cuz if the wood is already crappy, who's to say how long this will work out...?

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    Redrilling and putting dowels in is very common, so if you fix it the right way it'll be fine. For smaller applications, some people also use broken toothpicks - the pickup mounting hole on my 2027 was stripped to shit, and that's how Sherman and I repaired it.

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    Yeah, I've gone the broken toothpick route too. a couple toothpicks plus good quality carpentry glue (I use Titebond) should do the trick - put 2-4 in covered in glue so they dry against the edge of the hole, trim them to size with a razor blade when the glue is dry, and then screw back in, and it should hold.
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